I have a relationship with my Kindle, not love/hate so much as love/fear: I fear that reading it is damaging my soul by replacing paper and ink with pixels. It’s dramatic, I know.

For two years, though, I’ve used my Kindle for as many school-required texts as are available, and for one big reason that paid off once again on the year-end paper I turned in on Sunday. The highlighting and note-taking capability of a Kindle are widely known and useful enough, but the ability to export all those notes and highlights, to have them show up as a pdf attached in an email, a pdf that you can print and read as a kind of personal Cliff’s Notes–that changes the game.

Yes, one of the things I appreciate most about my e-reader is the ability to convert it to paper.

One thought on “Kindle

  1. I never knew Kindles could print before! Ha! Print books (I can’t believe I call them that) don’t automatically connect to computers. Thanks for the smiles — and congratulations on getting through the academic year.

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