Two Phones

I switch email apps on my phone frequently, either because the one I’m currently using lacks a particular function another one promises or simply because I’m bored with it. I also regularly replace the user interface and the icons. I even swap phones; I own two budget model phones and move a single SIM card between them for no reason other than my need for constant novelty from a device I use dozens and dozens of times every day.

I wear the same pair of shoes daily and rotate my shirts each week between five nearly identical black and grey button-ups. I sit in the same spot at the same time every morning to drink the same coffee and do the same two things: write a blog post and read newsletter subscriptions on my Kindle. I am a creature of routine and habit.

But not with my phone. I can’t explain it. It serves no purpose, and it actually creates complications: text message conversations don’t sync between them, so sometimes when I send a message to someone their response goes to the other phone and I never see it. I’ve told myself hundreds of times while switching the SIM card that this is the last time I’m switching, that it’s silly and immature to be doing this. But within a matter of days I am sure to miss something about the one I shelved–the feel of it in my palm, the operating system, the calendar app. And so I switch again.

All this to say, I apologize for not replying to your text message. Give me about a week.

2 thoughts on “Two Phones

  1. I knew someone had to change the average since I’m keeping my same little flip phone… similar to the one I had 15 years ago when my family insisted I finally had to get a cell phone. I’m lucky when I can get it to do Facebook and the occasional search, and that is the way I like it. That’s my silliness these days, I guess. Thanks.

  2. Here’s my silliness — I think I just wrote you a comment, but I got thrown back to the text, so here I am again. Thanks for the story. I have had the same little flip phone since 2019, and having to change the number on that one was traumatic, so I’m hanging onto this one. I’m lucky when I can get it to use Facebook… simple, and that’s the way I like it. Well, my other silliness is getting just one thing added to a sandwich when I go to Subway.

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