A student from a nearby Bible college emailed me out of the blue for help on an assignment. I don’t know the student, but I know the assignment, because I’ve helped one or two students from this college with it before. Basically, they have to interview a pastor they don’t know about church leadership and ministry and such. I like helping.

His email said, “Sorry I didn’t set up a phone conversation to do this. I meant to.” And then it simply listed the questions he needed answered. I spent about 30 minutes typing earnest answers I hoped were helpful. The last question was: “What warnings, admonitions, or exhortations would you offer me as a potential next generation leader?”

I answered: “Invest time in meeting with people in person and listening carefully for what they’re saying. As a leader, people will act in the way they think you expect. But if you pay careful attention, you can see through to the heart.”

4 thoughts on “Interview

    1. You are very optimistic. I would guess the student cuts and pastes the answers, turns in the assignment, and never gives it another thought. That’s my pessimistic side that has dealt with lots of students in the past.

  1. I think you were more than generous with your time. I predict if he maintains this behavior he will not be the leader he envisions himself becoming.

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