A really good motivation to make something today is the promise that it will serve you in the future. Once it’s made, you have it in your portfolio. You can reuse it, repurpose it, refine it. You can share it.

My first move before starting on a piece of writing or a presentation is to search my files for work I’ve already done on the same topic. If I find something, I often don’t even remember having done it before. I may deploy it for this new project or I may not, but even if I don’t, it’s good to be reminded that I’ve done this before. It can be done.

Reward yourself tomorrow with whatever you create today.

One thought on “Portfolio

  1. Good thinking! I have particular favorite topics, and I like looking at old posts to find out how my thinking changed. I try to think of the things I love re-reading and the people who ask to hear a story again. (Count me among the latter when it comes to your stories.)

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