We vs. They

There is a huge difference between “we” and “they” when it comes to collaborating and leading. If I get to be part of the staff or the committee or the team, I must identify with the work it produces. That means all the work, not only the outcomes I agree with and advocate for.

If an action is under consideration that I oppose, it’s on me to state my opposition and use whatever influence I have to amend it. In the end I have to identify with the action, even though it doesn’t go my way. When I’m asked “Who did this?” I can only answer “We did.”

“They did” is not an option for integral leadership.

4 thoughts on “We vs. They

  1. Rocky, This is a lesson learned long ago…from both sides. I learned it as a member of a group when I spoke out after an uncomfortable decision and was appropriately called on the carpet. I should have been. I learned it as a leader when after arriving at a consensual decision some among our group went out to the larger group and shared and fueled minority “in process” thoughts rather than supporting the group decision. Lessons learned as it were. My take away from these circumstances was to consciously research thoroughly, give opportunity for expression to all, anticipate all of the ramifications of the decision, and take appropriate, necessary time to consider the decision before making it (unless there was an immediate need for action). You have my empathy; thank you for the reminder. Leslie

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