Back To Work

But did we ever stop? If, like me, you were fortunate enough to enjoy some vacation time over the holidays, did you actually stop working? Don’t worry: this is not email shaming. Even if you removed email from your phone and kept your concentration from your employer for multiple consecutive days, you were still working. Good for you.

We call work the thing that pays us, and many of us have a very unhealthy relationship to it. But what if you broadened our definition of work to all the things that matter–to us, the people we care about, our neighbors, the world at large? There doesn’t have to be a clean divide between work and leisure; leisure is only a different kind of work. Work is a privilege. We all have some of it to do.

The book I read; the breakfast date I had with my spouse; the toilet seat I replaced; the workout I did; the recipes I tried; the old album I replayed; the Godfather trilogy I watched; the kitchen I cleaned–all of it work. Some of it restorative, some maddening, but all of it work.

Good work.

One thought on “Back To Work

  1. Blog posts are good work too, and you’ve just proven that (again). I have been working on writing cards and saving the ones I receive, writing my own blog (not that this is a hint), and working on finishing one diary and starting another. Among other things, of course. Thanks for reminding me how often I’m using the word “work” for various things.

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