Fix It

The computer I use for work came with this irritating audio control interface that sat on top of all of my Zoom calls. It could be minimized to a small square and dragged around the screen to get it out of the way, but it couldn’t be hidden. Attempts to uninstall it were successful, I thought, until my next Zoom meeting, when it reappeared. I searched online for a solution and tried all kinds of things like updating drivers and the like. I even went so far as to perform a software refresh, which reinstalled the entire operating system and explicitly promised to remove this thing. 30 minutes later the machine was bare, but the audio interface lived on. It was a roach.

Yesterday one of the IT people called about something completely unrelated, but while I had him on the phone I asked if he could help me with this pesky pop-up interface. He took control of my screen remotely, then I watched him click around in the computer’s settings, disabling this application, restarting the computer, renaming that process, and–voila!–within minutes it was gone.

In a time of long-term intractable problems, it made me happier than it should have to see this minor technical annoyance fixed.

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