There seems to be a strategic ignorance built in to the administration of American elections. At least in the precinct I served as a pollworker on Tuesday, each of us knew just enough to get voters through the process at a snail’s pace, using the provided manual as a guide for the first several. We had separate functions that were not coordinated, through which we rotated as the day went on, under the watchful eye of two Election Coordinators, one a Democrat and the other a Republican (the pollworkers were split evenly between the parties too). All of us were first timers, and none of us had met, except the student pollworker and I, because he goes to my church.

Strategic ignorance.

We could not have perpetrated election fraud if we’d wanted to. I suspect that is the case with the overwhelming majority of polling places across the country.

Ignorance is (democratic) bliss.

One thought on “Ignorance

  1. Thanks again, Rocky. This confirms what I’d wondered about. Yet considering that we’re meant to be a democratic republic, I wonder what it truly means that ignorance is considered important for selecting representatives.

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