Blessing of The Animals over Zoom? Who knew?

Communion via livestream? Okay.

Congregational meeting to elect a new pastor using online polling? You can do that?

Ordination of Elders and Deacons? Examination of new members? The leadership retreat? The Church can carry out all of these functions of its life together while not being together?

Is that our preference? Certainly not. But can we do it under these conditions. It seems we can. The tools are there, the leadership is gifted, and the congregation is committed.

If nothing else, this season is going to change what we mean as church when we say something “can’t” be done.

One thought on “Can’t

  1. Who knew the animals thing wasn’t just a one-time stunt? I didn’t. Communion when I’m the only human being in the room? I try, but it’s not nearly the same as even a small service (writing as the veteran of many small ones). I’m struggling with the difference between “can” and “should” lately. Still, I thank you for the perspective.

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