It’s important to say no to things. It’s probably equally important to allow things to say no to us. Inviting limitations on our freedom may be the freest thing we can do.

A marriage is an invitation for another person to limit your freedom. So is parenthhood. A job limits what you can say and do, where you can go and when. So does a mortgage, or even a pet. International agreements don’t work if the participating countries lack the political will to permit other countries to curb their behavior.

The pursuit of unrestrained freedom is a prison, and one that everybody else pays for.

One thought on “Limits

  1. I agree thoroughly, Rocky. The toughest thing about many transitions is having to set up a new schedule, to figure out where the limits are and what things fit into the new time slots. Not having a schedule has been enough to teach me about building them, having discovered that I need schedules.

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