Yesterday the 12 year-old spent hours writing a novel, working through the process laid out in this book she picked up with her mom two weekends ago, sketching out a protagonist and her “misbelief,” as well as the defining moments of her story. This writing is not a school assignment, though she’s spoken with her teachers about it, and they will figure out a way to credit her work.

Hours, though. Unprompted and uninterrupted. Committed.

This is the positive side of school at home. It’s just one day, I know, and today may be very different. But we should celebrate the wins where they happen. This is a win.

One thought on “Win

  1. Yay! Great win! Even if excitement fades, encourage her to keep what she’s done.One main character in a novel I’ve finished writing began in a story that’s too long for short-story status and not quite long enough for a novella. Maybe I’ll pair it with other stories later… but I still have the manuscript. Yay, fellow winner!

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