The Confirmation curriculum I designed two years ago was an eight month unpacking of the Apostle’s Creed. What do we mean when we say “I believe?” What do we mean when we say “Almighty?” What do we mean when we say “Lord?” It was a useful structure that led students through the major questions of Christian faith.

But it left off a couple things, namely a coherent overview of the Biblical narrative and mature exposure to the life of the church beyond Sunday morning worship and Confirmation class. So I’m building a new curriculum.

This one will have three elements: 1) interaction with the core narratives of the Bible, 2) exposure to several of the church’s ministries and their leaders, and 3) a discussion of church membership, what it is and why it matters.

What about the Creed? I plan to pair the Biblical lessons with an affirmation from either the Apostle’s Creed or another resource from the Book of Confessions.

This is my favorite part of ministry planning, the part where your idea is still pure and unsullied by practical considerations like time and materials.

One thought on “Planning

  1. The question “Will you seek the fellowship of the church, wherever you may be?” has new resonance these days. Thanks for the update — the new curriculum sounds good, and I’m glad to see that the creed and confessions will remain part of it.

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