Act Like You Know What’s Going On

This tip about performing improv by someone at my church feels like the key to my life and work right now, though I’ve never done improv (nor do I plan to): act like you know what’s going on.

I haven’t really known what’s going on since March. Nobody has. For the first several weeks of stay-at-home, I was quite transparent with the people I’m in ministry with about how uncertain everything felt and how little I knew about what was going to happen next. I designed an entire youth group series around a song called “Til Further Notice” as an expression of that uncertainty.

But we are four months into this thing and many more months from being out of it. It feels like time to start acting like I know what’s going on.

We’re all still improvising, but the scene has unfolded a bit, so we actually have some information to act on. Large gatherings can be superspreader events; masks help; outside is better than inside. We will know more next week and three months from now, but we don’t have to wait for incontestable data to make important decisions.

We can’t wait. We have to act now, and act like we know what’s going on.

One thought on “Act Like You Know What’s Going On

  1. Rocky, thank you so much — especially for the song. I do feel like it was sent as a sermon, and i feel like I’ve found some sanity just in time to finish my tax returns. (In other words, I’ll be back to the song for another dose.)

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