The new episode of Hit Parade, one of my favorite podcasts, revives The Lillith Fair, the all-women concert tour from the late 90’s. I am geeking out.

I saw a Lillith Fair show in the summer of 1997 in Winter Park, Colorado. Sarah McLachlan, Mary Chapin Carpenter, Tracy Chapman, Jewell, Ani Difranco, Paula Cole, and a bunch more amazing artists played on a mountainside all day long, and it formed one of my most enduring memories of music and friends and nature and community.

Two takeaways then. 1) Hit Parade is amazing and well worth the subscription it now requires, and 2) the cancellation of live music through this summer is foreclosing lifetimes worth of joy and celebration. That’s a tangible loss.

1997 – Lilith Fair Tour | About Tracy Chapman

3 thoughts on “Lillith

  1. Thanks, Rocky. I’m torn between loving live music and loving musicians as people. (I write this just barely out of reach of my cello, after all.) Music is one of the horrible losses of this time, but thank God for recordings.

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