This Is Why To Blog

Yesterday I wrote a pastoral note for the weekly youth ministry newsletter and a draft of a proposal for a committee. I didn’t start my day planning to do either. Yet they got done, and with less hair pulling than you might expect; the words came.

I feel like this is the great benefit of blogging several times a week, that when public words are required the muscle is ready, because you’ve been writing for public consumption as a regular habit. Whether the public consumes it or not is not what trains the muscle. That they could makes all the difference. So when the occasion arises that demands public speech, it doesn’t come as a new kind of demand, but one you’ve been meeting as a choice for some time.

One thought on “This Is Why To Blog

  1. Exactly, fellow blogger. People who say they can never get the words out are like people who say they can’t play an instrument. In both cases, practice, practice, practice!

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