Speaking And Listening

Speaking and listening at the same time is a particular skill that is badly needed right now.

Those with positions and platforms can use their voices to the good, in part by amplifying the voices of those who don’t have positions and platforms that customarily get listened to. Frequently without even being asked, these folks are able to speak a word with impact.

How to choose the word to speak; how to speak it to positive effect; how to discern when to speak it an to whom: these are critical skills that add up.

And so is the skill to say nothing, to let others have the microphone and say the thing you would have said. The awareness that, perhaps, these are not conditions that will benefit the most from your particular voice and that, in fact, you need to hear from others to better understand, is invaluable.

It’s about sense, it seems. Leaders need to sense what’s best for the moment. That sense probably comes with experience and relationships, from learning and connecting. Those are things for which it is always the moment.

One thought on “Speaking And Listening

  1. Thank you, Rocky. The skill to say nothing, as you put it, is a powerful one. In music, it’s referred to as a rest instead of a note. It takes skill to play the rests, just as it does to play the notes. They all blend together under the right conductor.

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