Read And Write

There are stretches of days when reading feels more urgent than writing. Things are happening quickly, important things, and even though your writing is not specifically concerned with the machinations of politics and culture, you feel that to take time writing without first understanding what’s going on is arrogance.

But . . .

The writer of whatever you’re choosing to read is also functioning with an understanding deficit; if complete understanding were a prerequisite for writing, we’d have a lot of unused paper on hand and news organizations would go bankrupt tomorrow.

It’s a false choice: read or write. We do both simultaneously. Each activity better tunes us for the other.

One thought on “Read And Write

  1. Whew! This is more reassuring than you can imagine, Rocky, for a writer like me. I want the background, I want to know what I’m writing about, but sometimes I think just recording the uncertainty is what I need to do. Thank you very much.

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