“And another thing . .  .”

“Not even to mention . . . ”

“And on top of that . . . ”

If there were an award for best complaint, I’d win it some days. If the complaint Oscars had subcategories recognizing achievements in presentation and drama I would contend. Especially these days.

The Academy that would award such recognition would be miserable company, though, wouldn’t it? Skill in nurturing grievance does not endear you to anyone, and that’s more than a “you” problem, because we need you constructive.

I’ll drop out of the complaint Oscars if you will.

One thought on “Complaint

  1. OK, let’s be dropouts together. As my photography teacher used to tell me, you get images of what you focus on — and he was telling me that when I needed to improve. I’ll try not to think of those Philiippians 4 “if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise” as “the BIG ifs!” Thanks for the reminders.

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