A New Tool

Mark Collard at Playmeo shared a nifty tool this week that I’ve already used twice. It’s a shared online whiteboard called Whiteboardfox. Here’s how it works: go to the site, click the big orange “Start Drawing” button, choose if you want any participant with the link to be able to draw on the board or just you, and then–voila!–you have a whiteboard you can draw or type on. If you’ve given anyone with the link access to it, you have an instant group composition surface.

I used it with jr. high youth this week to replace an activity requiring each student to draw independently, and I used it with sr. high as a kind of unofficial start to our Zoom youth group; as people arrived I sent them to the link and asked them to add something to the whiteboard that represented their past week.

You could even use it on a blog. Click this link to be taken to a whiteboard for yorocko readers, then contribute something constructive for the community!


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