Experiments are a public service, as much in ministry as in epidemiology. We can’t all be testing new approaches to solving critical problems; some of us have to keep the trains running. So if you’re in a position and of the inclination to tinker and dabble try things out, we need you now more than ever. We need to know what you’re trying and what you’re finding.

We need you to share what you’re learning.

One thought on “Experiment

  1. I’m learning the difficulty of changing habits. I had an expedition to the suburbs for “curbside pickup” of new A strings for my cello, since the old A was impossible to keep in tune. I had given up on playing because of that. Now that I’ve had the expedition and have a new string and a spare, I’m not back in the habit of playing every night… at least not on my cello. I’m leaving some different music out today to try to remind myself differently.

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