Hide The Clock

I don’t exercise well or enough, and when I do I think only of how long til I’m done. If there’s a clock, I watch it closely. My mind breaks down effort into manageable increments: only two more minutes until I’m 1/3 of the way done.

A couple weeks ago I hid the clock, though. I wanted to experience more of what I was doing in the moment instead of thinking about how much of it I had left to do. I’ve been hiding the clock ever since.

We don’t know exactly how much time is left in this current moment of flattening the curve and the economic impact that will follow, that has already begun, so the analogy is flawed. There is no reliable clock for this. But maybe there is something here in this day-to-day that might benefit us to focus on and feel, and maybe if all we care about it how long it’s going to last we’ll miss it.

2 thoughts on “Hide The Clock

  1. The oddest thing happened yesterday: my digital clock radio quit keeping time accurately. For example last night at bedtime it was over an hour slow…I adjusted the time. This morning it was suddenly “ahead”. So, yes, I am hiding this clock for some time!

  2. Leslie and Rocky, I don’t think either of you were at our present church back that far, but I was in a youth group (back when I qualified for such) called Kairos. We were often reminded that Chronos is the kind of time on clocks or calendars, and Kairos is the time something happened — chronos is Dec. 25, kairos is “NOW it’s Christmas” was one example. So yes, I’m trying not to look at the clock… much. And trying.

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