In the first moments after we decided to suspend worship activities, I sat alone in my office in a stifling quiet, exercising my brain on all the youth activities that would be affected. These moments weren’t the first in which I’d thought this through; for three days at least the possibility of program suspension hovered over everything. But I didn’t have any answers, and I could hardly move.

Was I going to start recording YouTube videos for youth group? Could I experiment with video conferences? These aren’t tools I use, and I don’t feel confident with them. I hadn’t even written the email to parents explaining the decision yet.

Email, right. Something to do! I opened it up to begin writing, and there in my inbox was a message from a parent of one of our students. It simply said that she figured we might need to cancel programming, and that if we did she could connect me with the webinar software she uses for her job and could train me and my colleagues how to use it.

Whoah. Was she reading my thoughts?

We spoke on the phone the following day, and this feels kind of perfect. Webinars were not in the repertoire of things I was mulling over, but they will work perfectly for things like the Confirmation parent meeting I have scheduled for this week. Anything that involves one person presenting content to a group can work as a webinar. She’s training us on it today.

It feels like a kind of physics of the Spirit: if we just start moving, people will move with us. And those people are super smart and generous and passionate. We can’t lose.

One thought on “Move

  1. As my dad — an elder and physics teacher — an object in motion tends to stay in motion. That’s the first of Newton’s laws… and he was (probably) born on Dec. 25, too.

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