The sweaty instructor’s eyed bored through the screen to gasp at her pedaling pupils, “What is something you want to accomplish?!” It was meant to motivate, but it mostly made me ruminate.

Here’s what I want to accomplish: a routine. I’m trying to achieve a rhythm of working, homekeeping, exercising, studying, parenting, spousing, neighboring, friending, citizening, and soning. Some of those pieces are more amenable to specific accomplishments–master Melissa Clark’s roast chicken, take a canvasing training, finish the degree–while others are not; When have you achieved as a parent? Even with exercise–and to answer the instructor’s question–the exercising is its own accomplishment.

I’m not an achiever. I never have been.

One thought on “Achieve

  1. I get it, Rocky. I don’t think of achievement as something I can measure for myself. I need it to come from someone else. Maybe that’s from being the daughter of two teachers as well as being Presbyterian — I need to hear “Well done,” not say it.

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