Pay Some (Though Not All) Attention

Between overwhelmed by the news and completely disengaged from it there is a medium that, though maybe not happy, is functional. If you value awareness of current events, this is the kind of week that could overwhelm you: a messed up election, the State of The Union, the end of an impeachment trail–one highly-charged event after another, each one announced with ALL CAPS BOLD TYPE HEADLINES, an avalanche of monumental happenings that might could make you surly for days. Maybe best to shut it all off.

Luxuriating in ignorance doesn’t feel responsible, though. Maybe they’re not the breathless spectacles the phone notifications promise, but they are still, at bottom, important national events that deserve our attention.

We can handle this. We can protect and give our attention at the same time. We can turn off the news notifications but open up the app a couple times a day. We can listen to one news summary podcast, not four. We can read a carefully written email newsletter rather than skim all the headlines.

Paying good attention to important goings on means not paying all of it. We can do that.

One thought on “Pay Some (Though Not All) Attention

  1. You make good points again. I chose to pay some attention to the State of the Union message by waiting to read about it in the morning, instead of watching or listening to it.

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