The battle in our house the last week of holiday is around the return to school, whether it will take place today, the scheduled return day thanks to the 11 day teacher strike in October, or whether Daughter will get to wait til Monday to go back, as the calendar said before the strike. Her mom and I are in agreement that it’s today, and there’s no debate. Daughter . . . well, you know what Daughter wants.

She insists that none of her friends will be there. “School is not about your friends.”

She complains that her vacation is being taken away. “You got 11 days of vacation in the middle of the fall semester.”

The battle surges and subsides. It was heated on December 30 during a 12 hour drive from Kansas, but by the morning of New Years Eve Daughter had conceived of a weekly meal plan and grocery list she wanted to shop for, so I figured she’d made her peace. By nightfall, January 1, she’d packed her lunch and laid out her clothes for school. The fight fought back after 9:00, no new argument, only new resolve.

This morning she’s up on her own and has deployed that breakfast she planned. She’s currently showering. All signs point to school, but there is still time for one last volley.

Pray for students returning to school.

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