January Didn’t Go Away

You get so focused on Christmas Eve, Christmas, even New Years Eve, and you focus so intently on all of the church and family responsibilities associated with those dates, that you can lose sight of what comes after. Yesterday I got an email reminding me of something due for the worship service on January 5th. I hadn’t forgotten it. I never accounted for it to begin with.

As weighted as the holiday feels, it’s not the end. January is right behind it.

One thought on “January Didn’t Go Away

  1. Thanks for the reminder. To me, January doesn’t go away as much as it hides! I got a jury-duty summons for early January and had to break my idea (not exactly a resolution) of not writing anything on my new calendar yet, since I have to call first to see whether I go. Now to find an obvious place not to lose that summons stuff!

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