“Realize” is a weak verb that we shouldn’t use to describe meaningful work. Nothing important ever happened because someone realized something that didn’t know before in a moment of unsolicited epiphany. People experiment and investigate in order to learn and better understand. They ask questions and test assumptions. They get help.

It sounds so simple: “And then I realized . . . ” Too simple. You’re selling yourself short and making it sound like you were simply the passive recipient of some Copernican insight. You (and Copernicus) did so much more than realize; you probed and risked and dared.

Don’t stop. There’s more work to do.

3 thoughts on “Realize

  1. But then there is another definition of realize, a strong, active one: to make real or to bring to reality; i.e., realizing God’s Kindom (making God’s Kindom real for others)

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