All but one of the books assigned for the second year of my current academic pursuit are available on Kindle, and so I have plunged most uncritically into an experiment to transition as much of my academic reading as possible to e-books. The stack of paperbacks that was my first year reading list is on a shelf in my closet, badly suited for a home library and daunting as commute cargo so that it might be deployed in my office. Going all digital will at least solve that problem.

But will it make it more or less likely that I read the books, and thoroughly? I got through almost all of last year’s reading, even though I typed up notes as I read. Kindle’s desktop and iPad software will display all the highlights and notes I make on my Paperwhite, so that seems like a plus. And there’s just the extraordinary ability to have the entire reading list on hand all the time.

Sometimes the meaningful barriers to working aren’t access, though.

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