I watched the first day of impeachment hearings. Like, a lot of it. Like, hours. That didn’t stop me from watching the PBS News Hour reporting on it that night.

It also didn’t stop me from reading the news summary of it in the New York Times. And the Washington Post. And NPR.

Nor from listening, the next day, to analysis of the hearing’s import by The Daily, What’s News, Post Reports, Up First, Today Explained and What Next.

Over the rest of the week I added analysis by the NPR Politics Podcast, the Slate Political Gabfest, and the Editors of the National Review.

My sources were almost all within the box of high reliability and neutral political bias on the ad fontes media bias chart. Where I indulged the less neutral (Slate, The National Review), I did so equally.

And after all that watching first hand followed by reading and hearing reporting and commentary from a variety of reliable sources, somebody is still going to say that I (and people like me) are being duped by “the media.”

Maybe it’s not me. Maybe it’s them.

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