The Innkeeper

When his kids went off to college, my friend from California moved to upstate New York and bought an Inn. I know him from rec. league softball and high school water polo, and now he’s cooking breakfast every day for bed and breakfast patrons, employing a staff of locals, and throwing shade at anyone who leaves a bad tripadvisor review. All signs point to him enjoying himself immensely.

What’s something you can only imagine yourself doing? Maybe it won’t always be in your imagination.

3 thoughts on “The Innkeeper

  1. It happened to me. I taught high school for 21 years. I like high school kids. Now, in retirement I find myself volunteering with first graders. First graders!! They are like herding chickens. My friends think I’m crazy. I never would have seen me doing this, but here I am. And I’m liking what I do.

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