Answering Machine

Twice in the past month I’ve had a call returned at least a week after I left a message on a home answering machine, and both times the caller has apologetically explained that they check their landline messages only rarely.

Technology changes. I used to maintain this as a point of professionalism: call the home phone during the day and leave a message. It allows a person to respond in their own time, unlike a mobile phone call, which is more intrusive and demands immediate response. Never text.

But the default has clearly shifted now to calling the mobile phone first, and the stigma around texting someone in a professional capacity is dissipating. I’m learning.

3 thoughts on “Answering Machine

  1. I prefer texts. I can read them, which I’m better at than listening. I can read them in a crowded room, unlike a noisy voice mail. I can think about my response as I go about my other duties. I can make a better response. I prefer texts.

  2. Thanks for your counsel, Rocky. I prefer to reply to messages in the same way I get them, but that leaves me wondering when I have to leave the first one(s). This is a good guide.

  3. I prefer texts. With all the ROBO calling I rarely answer calls unless I’m sure who the caller is. A text is less intrusive and can be dealt with at my convenience.

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