One more reflection on the Apple event.

We are all paying a price, financially and otherwise, for this annual ritual in which technology companies reveal the newest enhancements to their products. Everything must improve. Everyone must innovate. Persistence and maintenance matter far less than breakthroughs.

Imagine if Tim Cook had announced yesterday, “Apple has made 10 different iterations of iPhone, an amazing device that has created heretofore unimaginable connectivity and and productivity and entertainment for millions of people worldwide, not only through iPhone itself but also through the generations of devices made by other companies that have copied its features. I’m here today to announce that we’re still doing it!”

The room would have been silent.

It’s consumer capitalism, I know. But it’s amped up to such a degree and made into such an anticipated ritual that I wonder how we work our way back from it. Can we?

2 thoughts on “Persistence

  1. I hold out hope that the innovators will be counteracted by those who favor something that’s too new to too many — saving resources. “We’re not going to make you need and buy a new product full of rare metals and encased in plastic that costs too many resources to make and then destroy. We’re going to contribute the money we’ve made to clean up the environment we’ve damaged doing it.” Well, a lady can dream, right?

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