It is more convenient to communicate today than it ever has been before, and therefore the less convenient communication media are more valuable. Calling instead of emailing means something. Calling instead of texting or messaging means something.

There’s more here than meaning, though. The telephone is auditory, and thus a whole range of expression, emphasis, emotion, and meaning are experienced that simply cannot come across in text-based media. If you need to have a precise record of a specific communication, send it in writing (don’t text it). If you need to make an ephemeral human connection, get the phone out of your pocket.

Our work needs more ephemeral human connection. It’s being lost.

The telephone feels more critical to my work as a pastor than it did when I started 15 years ago.

One thought on “Telephone

  1. Also in personal communications. We all have friends, relatives etc who only text and so much is lost!

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