Church is a commitment among several. Important, for sure. Even the most important, the commitment that infuses all the others with purpose and sustains them. Yet how one’s church commitment affects and is affected by one’s other commitments–work, family, self-care–is often a fraught subject. Does Timmy miss a soccer tournament for the Confirmation retreat? Does Bonnie skip the Property Committee meeting after a long day at the office? It’s equally fraught for people for whom church is their work as for people who worship and serve as “volunteers.”

Bill Smutz and Sarah Bereza are two church professionals, a pastor and a musician, respectively, who have started a podcast to talk through all of that. I recommend it (full disclosure: they said nice things about one of my blog posts).

This is never solved. “Balance” will never be achieved, and it’s the wrong thing to aim for anyway. We get to invest in things we care about, which makes us lucky. Working out how is part of the calling.

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