I gave Daily Prayer books to the youth who were ordained and installed as officers yesterday. My church has ordained youth and installed them to one-year terms as Deacons and Elders since before I got there (my previous church did too), but it’s never occurred to me to mark the occasion of their ordination as a big deal. I’m slow on some things.

The gift itself will probably not be immediately useful, although I could be wrong about that; I was most ardent about daily Scripture reading and prayer when I was young. Still, it’s more an investment in a youth officer’s life of faith beyond their ordination and beyond their youth. I wrote a note in each one explaining that I’ve used one of these for 15 years.

What other ways to we have of signalling to young people that this faith and this church are longer-than-youth?

One thought on “Ordination

  1. Good questions, as ever, Rocky. I have been thinking of this every time someone looks shocked at how long I have been part of our church. It doesn’t seem as long as it is. That’s hard to get across to younger people, but I can still remember my elders (on and off the session!) telling me that decades would soon seem short.

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