It’s Friday, so I’m checking the new music releases for the week. First perusing Spotify’s Release Radar playlist, which features singles and albums and too many remixes and acoustic versions to be completely useful. Next clicking through the NPR Music’s New Music Friday playlist, also on Spotify, songs from album releases the NPR editors think deserve my attention. Next it’s the music websites folder on my browser toolbar: American Songwriter, Paste, Consequence of Sound, Album of The Year, The Guardian.

By the time I’m through with the ritual I’ve added the releases I’m interested in to a playlist called “Check Out (2019).” I’ll pull albums from this list on the train or in the kitchen, and if I like four or more songs I’ll add them to my “2019 albums” playlist (of course, individual songs go on the “2019 Radio” playlist).

I’m building a collection. It’s what I’ve always done with music, but it’s only lately dawned on me how central this collecting fixation is to my relationship with music. I enjoy it (I love some of it). But mostly as a collector.

Is collecting a lesser way to love a thing?

5 thoughts on “Collect

  1. Being a true collector is the purest form of love for “things.” A true collector has the deepest of regard for what he chooses to collect and then once acquired takes great strides to keep said collection in pristine condition. Some collections have monetary value and others simply emotional value. To a true collector the latter matters most. My husband is a true collector in every way. He cares deeply about his collections and each item has a detailed history he can rattle off in a heartbeat. It’s one of the beautiful qualities I fell in love with so many years ago.
    Enjoy your collections and nurture them and they can bring you joy!

  2. Dear Rocky, Thank you for a wonderful question, in the origin of wonder-full. I think collecting is a greater way to love things — to want their presence, to have them with you if you need them, or because you need them. I have things I have found for myself, and I have things that other people have found for themselves or found for me. All are valuable in different ways. It makes me a little nervous around that admonition about laying up treasures… but so many of my earthly treasures have become reminders of treasures who are in heaven. It’s a reminder and a perspective check, I guess. Now on to tidying up my collection!

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