Love It

You have to love it.

Criticize it, analyze it, mock it: as long as you love it I’ll follow you in it.

I listened to my first Game of Thrones podcast yesterday. I’ve been a viewer from the beginning, never veering so far into fandom as to listen to podcasts about the show, but Sunday’s “The Longest Night” tipped me. There was just too much. I needed to hear committed people talk about it.

The best ones love it.

What matters more than production or insight in the quality of a podcast is love–the people making it love the thing it’s about. You can tell when they don’t, when they’re detached and above it all, and it’s so much less interesting.

No matter your work, if you love your subject we probably will too.,

One thought on “Love It

  1. Rocky, I’ve never seen “Game of Thrones” outside of a review column or web site, but I follow you here. Love is contagious that way. My impatience is with the people who just start with “You have to love it,” then “I love it” and don’t give examples or small stories. I can tell you about some actors and some music from the show because I’ve read or heard about them — I start to know the stories that way. It reminds me a bit of going home on Sunday afternoons and asking my parents what a particular word was we’d heard in church. Discussions of words and ideas are woven into my Sunday afternoon memories. They helped me hang onto the Sunday morning ideas.

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