Cheer Dad

Today I pulled on my Cheer Dad T-shirt and hit the street with a stack of business sponsorship letters for Daughter’s cheer team and their big bid to The Summit national meet in Orlando. First to the dentist for a check-up that turned into a cavity filling. With the right side of my face numb I made my pitch.

Then to the local coffee roaster, where I buy a 12 oz. bag every Monday. He was in the middle of a batch, so I left him a letter on the counter. Next the vet, then the local grocer.

I am that parent, haggling total strangers to support my kids’ activity. Only it’s not just my kid, and this is the thing I didn’t really get about this before. It’s the other kids too. It’s the team. It’s all the parents similarly haggling strangers and selling candy to coworkers and arranging car washes and setting up a Gofundme.

See what I did there? I’m also that parent who shills for donations on his blog.

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