$9.99 per month is a lot less than what I’m paying now, so I figured Apple’s shiny, just-announced newspaper and magazine subscription service was worth trying for at least the free month. Three of my subscriptions are in their catalogue already, plus more that I’ve thought about reading.

It is by now a worn out debate between paper and pixels for reading, and I have had it with myself since I got my first Kindle. I go back and forth between subscribing to print publications in a fit of civic and literary aspiration and then letting them lapse because of the cost and the lack of overall time I spend reading them. But the financial reality of this newest opportunity is hard to ignore. I’m trying it.

As soon as I remember to take my iPad home with me. Until then I’ll read the New Yorker that I stashed in my bag on Monday.

One thought on “Subscribe

  1. I understand more than I might, with what I call my “somewhat clever” phone (i.e. not all the way to “smart”). I love books and being surrounded by them; I even have “bus books” (good to carry) and “home books” (too big, especially too far into a big book and carrying too many pages I’ve read already). As a result, it’s been about a year since I started my biggest home book ,but I’m learning gobs from it and won’t stop. (After all, there could be blog posts in it!) My bus book is a thriller from my dad’s collection, full of his notes at certain points — such as after an art theft, when the painting is in a van. That, of course, sets up some underlining and an exclamation in the margin when the author gives in and lets a character ask “Where did the van go?” I’m busy enough with physical books — is that the new term? — to have avoided a Kindle or Nook so far. There must be something (!) I can resist.

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