Group games. An artistic project. Closing worship.

These are all elements of most Confirmation retreats, and I am used to running them all, ’cause it’s my job.

Only it’s not.

This past weekend all of these elements were run by volunteer leaders, ’cause that’s actually my job–inviting, enabling, and supporting the leadership of others. How often I forget that. How often I over-function.

I’m learning a couple of things about this. First, these leaders are smart and creative, and the activities they are leading with me are by no means the most challenging things they do in their lives. They are accountants, parents, marketers, medical professionals, and so much else. Second, failure to invite their leadership is a consequence of anxiety and poor planning, both of which can be managed.

One thought on “Leaders

  1. Thanks, Rocky. The consequences of anxiety are ones we all need to deal with at different times in different ways. Personally, I’m trying not to act the way I did as a little kid, saying “Me do!” when someone else truly wants to help.But I’m trying, not necessarily acting.

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