What Are They Here For?

The band were great but they hardly talked at all. One hit after another, they set ’em up and knocked ’em down. It was a nonstop rock show.

The previous concert was different. The performer at that one talked almost as much as he sang. He had a story for every song. It was one part live music and one part confessional, full of intimate oversharing.

Do people come to see you do what you do? Or do they come to see you? Do they want to hear you play your hits or tell your story?

You best be clear about that.

One thought on “What Are They Here For?

  1. Thanks, Rocky. I’m listening to some of my favorite music this morning and remembering concerts. I love both music and storytelling, so my favorites involve both disciplines. Maybe that’s the key word, using both disciplines and being disciplined about them. Thanks.

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