Did Jesus Make The Disciples Do Pushups?

Daughter’s cheer coach shouted at the team, “20 pushups!” They’d dropped a stunt, so the pushups were punishment, not conditioning. Presumably, having exhausted themselves with pushups, they would hit the stunt the next time they tried it.

I’m trying to conceive of a scenario where I, a minister, would be permitted to shout demands for menial physical punishment at the youth in my charge.

“Recite John 3:16!”

“For God so loved the planet–“

“No! Drop and give me 20!”

Yeah, no. We do not expect performance from young people in matters of faith the same way we expect it in sports. It feels like another way in which the grownups at church treat you differently than your coaches. Coaches demand 100% of your effort for hours each week. We’re just happy you showed up.

Watching Daughter’s coach, I still think church should be the thing that backs down.

2 thoughts on “Did Jesus Make The Disciples Do Pushups?

  1. Dear Rocky, I never met a coach who was as forgiving as a pastor — even the two coaches I had (in 12 years of gym classes!) who were truly teachers. Maybe that’s the difference, teaching what to do instead of coaching what to do.

  2. People at church love you and teach what love is. Coaches only love your performance. Churches model Jesus’ love and can you picture Jesus saying drop and give me 20? When he corrected there was a lesson in it. What the coach did was punishment.

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