Life in The Backlash

It’s coming, if it isn’t already upon us.

What meaningful change ever carried the day clean, cruising on to smooth implementation after the speeches and the voting were done?

The backlash may be immediate or it may be years and years in brewing. Either way, if we wish to lead meaningful change, we need to account for it. We shouldn’t be controlled by it, but to proceed in blissful denial of the backlash’s existence imperils not only the future we’re imagining but also the present reality for those we care about and who live in perpetual backlash wake.

The backlash is real. God help us.

One thought on “Life in The Backlash

  1. Amen, Rocky. I couldn’t help thinking of the old (!) song “Life in the Fast Lane” when I read your headline, and I remember its second line — “really makes you lose your mind.” So can life in the backlash. We just have to band together and try, eh?

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