Lucky For You There Aren’t More People Here

That intimate concert experience you so enjoyed has a clear downside for the performer and for all the people who didn’t see it. They should be playing bigger venues than this. They shouldn’t be selling their own merch out of a plastic storage bin after the show. They shouldn’t be able to talk to each and every member of the audience.

That they’re selling T-shirts and shaking hands with everyone in a 50-seat cafe is practically criminal, but a) they don’t seem to mind and b) the magic of what they do wouldn’t translate very well to something much bigger than this.

Take a hint from them: make something that really matters to you and then share it, up-close-and-personal-like, with the smallest audience you can find who really, really loves it. Also, if you live in Kansas City, Hastings, Nashville, Austin, or a few other places, go see Freddy and Francine on this tour.

2 thoughts on “Lucky For You There Aren’t More People Here

  1. I’m sorry your favorites aren’t attracting better attention, but you’ve made a great point here — doing something excellent still matters. Doing it excellently matters, too.

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