What Youth Know About Worship

Last Sunday was for working on Youth Sunday worship, you know that one Sunday on the calendar when the entire service is led by teenagers. We’re starting two weeks out this time.

You learn things when you work on worship with students, things about them and things about worship. For example, I discussed the welcome and announcements part of the service with some of them, and I heard two things that I’d never really considered.

First, you feel welcome when you can relate. Either when you can relate your experience to what’s happening or when you are helped to relate to other people, you are made to feel welcomed. In other words, welcome is about more than the words.

But that relating needs to be real. A student insisted that if it’s forced or inauthentic it feels uncomfortable. Noted.

Youth Sunday, guys: it’s one of the best learning opportunities the church has.

One thought on “What Youth Know About Worship

  1. Noted, Rocky. But would you help them relate to us? Think about how they are speaking, especially how quickly, and let them get used to the microphone(s). Being nervous, or excited any way, makes a lot of people speak faster. That’s hard to understand. If they are more understandable, we’ll all be together better.

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