Positive Feedback Storage

How do you capture positive feedback?

I don’t mean survey results or signups. I mean unsolicited emails, out-of-nowhere phone calls, and face-to-face comments that say: good job. Thank you. I liked that.

It feels important to capture that stuff and save it for future use, because God knows we’re going to need it. So I have an email folder called “Keepers” into which go notes like this. I go months without thinking about it, but on particularly rough days I open it up and read some of what’s in there. It helps.

Negative feedback saves itself. We need a storage strategy for the positive.

2 thoughts on “Positive Feedback Storage

  1. Yes, Rocky, I’m with you (and Leslie). If there’s anything worthy of praise, we need a way back to “think about these things.” For me, there’s my diary — but it’s also a place to dump the things I just want to close the book on. (I get literal about those.) The act of writing seems to help capture the good things in my mind — but your post also reminded me of an e-mail file I have called “Goodies.” It’s not necessarily the things a former job called “kudos notes,” but it should be a sort of praise-holder more often. Thank you for the reminder of it.

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