2019 Radio, January Edition

Today’s the last day of January, and I already have a playlist of songs released so far in 2019 to share. It’s 44 songs long.

Of particular interest are new releases by Jenny Lewis, Juliana Hatfield, and Pedro The Lion. Alice Wallace, Liz Brasher, and Neyla Pekarek (the cellist for The Lumineers!) are notable early ’19 new discoveries.

Below the playlist is a bonus: this month’s episode of Hit Parade was all about Lady Gaga’s career, and I loved it. It’s well worth your time.

One thought on “2019 Radio, January Edition

  1. Thanks for opening my ears and mind to new sounds, Rocky. I didn’t even know about the Lumineers yet, but my cello and I want to find out! “Land of the Free” certainly got to the point well, too.

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