Vote For Burr

I haven’t seen Hamilton, but I’ve heard hours upon hours of it in my living room from my 10 year old daughter, who has seen it. Three times.

I always identify more with Burr than with Hamilton.

His warnings against talking too much and too loud;

“You spit, I’ma sit; we’ll see where we land”

his commitment to delaying decision;

“I’m not standing still. I am lying in wait”

his ideological flexibility;

“I changed parties to seize the opportunity I saw”:

Burr’s defining character traits are maligned by Hamilton, but they seem to me underappreciated virtues, especially in an era of overheated rhetoric.

One thought on “Vote For Burr

  1. Thanks, Rocky. This is the first piece of music I can understand in “Hamilton” — not having a ten-year-old to introduce me to it, I feel like I’ve just been hearing the same clip over and over. Burr’s flexibility does seem like something we could use right now.

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