How Many Fundraisers Is Too Many?

A youth ministry fundraiser has to do more than collect money for the mission trip. It should also give supporters in the church who are not youths’ parents a chance to meet the students they’re supporting, to hear from them about why they’re going on the trip and their hopes for it.

Adding money to the budget is but one small function of a fundraiser.

That means it needs planned with and for student participation. An event planned and run by staff, both paid and volunteer, without leadership from youth, leaves a ton of opportunity on the table. But to plan it that way takes lots of lead time and more than one meeting.

So how many of these events can you realistically do in a given year? I’ve done as many as four, and that is way too many to do well. One, maybe two, is probably the max, if professional fundraiser is not to become your primary job responsibility.

There’s a bigger question underneath the best techniques for fundraising, and that’s the question of how we conceive of and pay for youth ministry, nay, all ministry. That’s not this post. This post only wants to say that one or two youth ministry fundraisers is better than a bunch.

2 thoughts on “How Many Fundraisers Is Too Many?

  1. I love your “stocks”and the concept of a follow up meeting with “investors”. As someone who worked with young people for decades, I can bear witness to the time it takes with involving youth. More importantly I can affirm the values of doing so!

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