Christmas vs. Christmas Eve

A student said on Sunday that Christmas day is the worst, because once Christmas day arrives there’s nothing left to look forward to. From morning to night, December 25th is only a creeping letdown that advances by the minute, filling him with dread.

I get that. I live in a mental model that focuses on getting to and through the next thing for the sake of an imagined reward of leisure once its done. Christmas is the ultimate, then, especially for those of us who work in ministry, because it’s a ton of work and anxiety for the sake of a day, or even a few days, of rest and festivity.

But Sunday is still coming.

And then the ski retreat.

And then Sunday again.

And then, and then, and then.

It is obvious to me that the more mature, more fulfilling mental model is one that looks forward to Sunday, to all ministry work, as Christmas and not merely Christmas Eve.

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